Technical Animation Services

Comprehensive visual storytelling

The key benefit of technical animation is the ability to engage your audience with effective visual storytelling. Clients who leverage animated videos in their presentations have reported dramatic reductions in the amount of time, effort, and hand waving required to make their point! Some common uses of animation include:

  • Show events that can't be filmed, such as reactions at the microscopic or molecular level
  • Take a complex product and visually simplify its operation
  • Make dry topics more engaging without losing the technical details
  • Visualize abstract or time-dependent systems, such as software or business processes

You can tell an entire story with a single animation, or include it as part of a larger presentation. Videos can be animated footage from start to finish, or mixed with live action footage and photos, based on the needs of the presentation. Videos can be repurposed for a wide variety of sales and marketing activities, including in-person presentations, advertising, social media engagement, trade show displays, and website content marketing.

Animated videos for web traffic

Using YouTube, Vimeo, or your own web site to display animation online is a great way to introduce a wide range of potential customers to your products or services. 2D motion graphics and 3D renderings make for great content marketing pieces: Videos create new SEO opportunities for organic search, social media activity, and brand awareness. Educational videos are very shareable in social media, and establish you as an expert on the technical topic covered in the animation. A technical audience can be anyone with an understanding of your message, even consumers. In fact, some of our projects have been crowdfunding campaigns for products yet to be designed.

Animated videos for trade show traffic

For your trade show display, a high-powered visual looping animation video will help draw visitors into your booth, engaging and educating them while they wait to talk to your marketing or sales team. Animations can be designed to match trade show booth graphics for a seamless branding experience. There is usually a significant amount of overlap between an a video created for web deployment versus a trade show, so we often produce and deliver two different versions as part of the same project.

Corporate presentations

Some our best work are pieces that we can't show you! Corporate training uses animated videos in a variety of ways. For example, one Fortune 500 client asked us to create a series of video presentations explaining company processes for different departments. One of these videos explained how the IT budgeting works, and explained the process in a visually interesting way. This presentation created a much better understanding of the budgeting processes throughout the company, and the IT department saw increased engagement and activity. What started as a training video ended up being more like intra-company advertising!

Tell your technical story

Technical animation can be incredibly effective at communicating even complex marketing messages. The sky is the limit as to what can be visualized, but to meet cost and schedule constraints, it is important to plan ahead as much as possible. From storyboarding through post-production, we work with you to realize your vision and your business goals. Are you interested in learning more about our process? See how we create animated visuals for your project.