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Mechanical gears

Technical Marketing to Engineers

March 20, 2015 — Framework Media

Last month we posted an 8-question technical marketing survey with the goal of supporting or debunking some common ideas about marketing to technical audiences, and engineers in particular. Each question was posed as a statement...
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Snow-cleared solar panels

Rendering with Solar Panels

February 23, 2015 — Framework Media
...the good news is that we are back up and running, generating electricity and feeding the grid. The bad news is that our renewable energy production for the month of February looks like...
3D Orange Mesh

Squeezing Value from Product Animation Projects

February 12, 2015 — Framework Media
...While there is a huge amount of value to be gained from these channels, there are a significant amount of additional assets that can be gleaned from the work that goes into creating a 3D animation...
Abstract blue spheres

Hello World!

February 4, 2015 — Framework Media

...with the new website design in place we chose to implement a new blog as well. While this blog will be discussing technical animation and visualization topics, it may be helpful to share the considerations that went into our overall site setup....
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