Explainer videos

What is an explainer video?

"Explainer video" is a relatively new term for videos that are used to explain a concept, product, or service to an audience, and they are becoming very popular! They take form of anything from purely educational videos to product and service marketing advertisements. Also called explanation videos, they offer dynamic and fast-paced visuals and engaging audio to quickly gain and maintain a viewer's interest. So while these videos may contain some technical details, the production leans toward being more fun and entertaining, using visual flair and branding to engage viewers.

Why animate explainer videos?

Explainer videos serve an intentionally wide audience, and have the goal of encouraging sharing on social networks. Animation makes a great format for explainer videos, as it can be very visually engaging, particularly for services or software processes that don't lend themselves to live-action video. Animated video, when done well, can appeal to any demographic, business or consumer, and stay consistent with your current branding.

Advanced graphics and 3D content

We can leverage our 3d animation expertise to create really standout visual imagery. The visuals offered by a full 3D production pipeline will separate your presentation from the simpler 2D animations that, in some cases, may be considered too simple for a more technically focused audience. As a full service production studio, we provide both 2D and 3D animation, as well as audio narration, music, and sound effects. Of course, the best explainer videos start with a compelling script, and we can help with the writing of that script, too.