Viral Marketing Animation

Cambridge NanoTech, a manufacturer of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment, was putting together a marketing campaign that would generate significant word-of-mouth promotion. A major component of this viral marketing effort would be an animation that details the ALD process as it applies to Cambridge NanoTechs product, the Savannah 100.

Framework Media began the project with a trip to visit the Cambridge NanoTechs lab for reference photographs and to discuss the animation requirements. A storyboard was generated to detail the visual elements that would make up the animation. Upon storyboard approval, the actual 3d modeling and animation began, and existing SolidWorks 3D CAD data was used as a starting point for production. Cambridge NanoTech received updates via a password-protected web site as the visuals took shape.

This animation, explaining the ALD process, occurs at three levels: The first is the macro level, represented by the semiconductor wafer, lab, and laptop computer. A transition to the microscopic level occurs, viewing topographical features on the semiconductor wafer. The final, molecular level shows the actual atoms that are involved in the ALD process reactions.

The animation was encoded for playback in a browser using Adobe Flash and included links to a referral form and the Cambridge NanoTech web site. The result was an informative, attractive, professional presentation that explains the ALD process in detail while promoting Cambridge NanoTechs products.

Cambridge NanoTech has subsequently been acquired by Ultratech, but the animation is still being used years later to educate site visitors about the ALD process. The animation has generated enthusiastic reviews from current customers, partners, and site visitors.


Savannah 100 website animation


3d modeling & animation
video editing & compositing
interactive content development


viral marketing campaign built around 3d animation promotes corporate brand while explaining the atomic layer deposition (ALD) process.

sample images

ALD Animation Still Thumbnail Animation Storyboard Thumbnail ALD Animation Still Thumbnail ALD Animation Still Thumbnail