Photorealistic Rendering

From Concept to Virtual Reality

Donna Ballard, inventor of the dLite Box™, came to Framework Media with a great idea for a product and a simple request: Take her patent drawings and turn them into the high tech, high gloss product that she had envisioned in her mind. Donna realized that creating a virtual prototype would be the most effective way to convey the design to prospective buyers, enabling her audience to envision the product as she did.

Wonderful! You've done an awesome job...I couldn't have been happier with what you have produced!

-Donna Ballard

Two weeks after the project kickoff, Donna received the final rendered images of the dLite Box™, which included several stock photographs with the 3D prototype composited into the scene. This fast-tracked project was completed in 10 business days with plenty of iteration during the modeling and rendering phase to be sure the look was just right.

A common question Donna hears after sharing the rendered images in confidence is "Where is it?", leaving her to explain that the dLite Box™ has not been built yet!

A key concern during the development of the 3D renderings was security. Since the patent was not in place before we began, she was looking for someone who was going to honor a non-disclosure agreement, someone she could trust. Since this project was completed in-house from start to finish by Joel Howe, Framework Media’s full-time animator, Donna was ensured that her precious idea would stay a secret until she was ready to share it with the world.

The renderings created for the dLite Box™ showed the merit of Donna's idea, and will be of value during marketing of the product to consumers as it enters production. We are still hoping to be able to "transform" the product via animation and make the coolest Flash-based lunchbox game the world has ever seen!


dLite Box™ product visualization


3D modeling & rendering
Image editing & compositing


Photorealistic product renderings enable a design to be marketed before ever being built

sample images

Product Visualization Model Thumbnail Trade Show Animation Still Thumbnail Trade Show Animation Still Thumbnail