3D Animation in a Technical Sales Role

As part of Masoneilan’s launch of their redesigned LincolnLog control valve, we developed an interactive sales presentation to showcase the new product using 3D animations created from Masoneilan’s existing engineering data.

The 3D animations visually explain the complex concepts that give LincolnLog a competitive advantage, and these animations have become an important part of Masoneilan’s customer sales presentations. A noteworthy feature included with this tool is a trade show display mode, in which any combination of the 3D animations are played in series and looped. The result is a very effective animated presentation that looks quite at home on display in a trade show booth.

The interactive presentation doesn't need an internet connection for playback, but is distributed via electronic download to resellers and distributors, saving the cost of producing and mailing CD-ROMs, and allowing for an easy way to deliver updated presentations.

"It’s never easy to describe the value of a complicated piece of equipment, such as the LincolnLog. Our sales force needed something in their hands to show a customer how simple and how valuable this product is. Today they just carry their laptop into the site and fire up an easy to use demo, rather than carrying a 150 pound piece of equipment (that airport metal detectors love) with them everywhere they go."

-Nathan Brunell, LincolnLog Product Manger

The animations that are included in the presentation are fairly advanced in terms of visualization techniques. Heavy use of particle systems and complex shapes to describe fluid flow made this a very challenging project, and there was a major effort to keep the text-based elements of the presentation as vector-based text assets, which would keep file sizes smaller and allow for easier updates.

This presentation tool has generated significant returns for Masoneilan, improving sales by helping to create a more knowledgeable sales force while simultaneously offering them an impressive and effective visual aid.


Masoneilan's LincolnLog™
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Interactive presentation quickly gives viewers understanding of the control valve’s features and their associated benefits

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