Interactive card sort delivered to Staples

Our small business can delight even the biggest of clients! The usability group at Staples, the world’s largest office products company, wanted to build a card sort study application that met their specific needs. Staples developed a specification of what their ideal card sort application would be able to do, and selected Framework Media to build it.

A card sort study is a technique used for exploring how people group items and is often used by information architects to determine categories for products or items.

Framework Media's technical expertise allowed us to incorporate creative ideas for dynamic interactions that improved the user experience of the application. Overall, Staples is very happy with the quality of the final result and the project was completed within our aggressive time frame - a great value!

-M. Hawley, Usability Product Manager, Staples, Inc.

We were able to deliver all of the features defined in the specification, on time and on budget. The end result is a flexible web application built on a platform of leading technologies: Flash, XML, SQL Server, and

The end-user interface features image-based cards and robust dragging and dropping that makes sorting items fun and engaging. Behind the scenes, usability team members can quickly create and manage multiple card sort studies, as well as download aggregated results sets formatted for easy import into their analysis tools.

The usability group is now able to perform card sort studies that were previously impossible, thanks to the visual cues offered by the image-based cards. As the team dreams up new variations of card sort studies to maximize their customer’s experience, they enjoy the flexibility of full control over the application, allowing updates and new features to be added as their business needs change.


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Highly interactive tool gives Staples usability group new ways to gain insight into their customers' use practices

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