3D Animation as Courtroom Evidence

Dr. Igor Paul came to Framework Media with a complex demonstrative evidence requirement. His need was driven by Michigan's murder case against Mark Unger, accused of pushing his wife over a railing to her death below. Dr. Paul had been retained to show that the fall was physically feasible without being pushed, and was considering how best to convey his findings to the jury.

"I also want to thank you for your hard, timely, and excellent work and hope to be able to work with you in the future. Thanks again. Igor"

-Dr. Igor Paul

While static diagrams and the use of a figurine were considered for courtroom demonstration, we quickly concluded 3d forensic animation would best represent his results. After meeting with Dr. Paul to review the case, work began on building the virtual set for the animation, creating 3d models from photographs taken at the crime scene. A physically accurate model of the victim was created and animated to match the position and rotation of the victim's body as specified in Dr. Paul's calculations at specific time intervals.

The animations were reviewed on a frame by frame basis with Dr. Paul and the defense team. The results were so impressive and informative that several other animated scenarios were developed, each depicting a different falling sequence. The time and cost to develop the additional scenarios was minimized by re-using the same 3d models throughout all of the scenarios.

Dr. Paul's testimony and the animations became a major part of the defense's case. The prosecution fought to keep the animations out of evidence, but the court ruled Dr. Paul could testify as an expert and present the computer animations to the jury as demonstrative evidence. While not enough to sway the jury from a guilty verdict, courtroom observers found them to be compelling and extremely effective in conveying Dr. Paul's testimony to the jury.


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compelling demonstrative evidence strengthens the testimony of expert witness in high-profile murder case

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